Sunday, 9 September 2007

The recent week at RMIT

There was a little rain, but I realise I cannot keep looking at the forecasts even though I know where Melbourne's climate is headed given Australia's meek and passive population that won't fight the corporate polluters - and there's no way change can be achieved any other way.

I have tried to work as hard as possible but it is grateful to realise how sympathetic people at RMIT are to my problems with concentration. I'm thinking I should say to them that, quite strictly, I work best when I can do one task at a time and focus as much as possible on it. It is hard for me when I have had two assignments to do so quickly - even though I know it's unfair to other that I am allowed more time.

My parents and others seem to have mixed emotions about my recently handed-in essay. At first they were pleased, but tonight I was told that I had overlooked (by accident, contrary to what my mum says) a message about class distinctions being involved in the dress of 1960s Australian children's novels I have been reading.

My work has also been affected by a fire outside my home - I know if we had proper rainfall this would never have happened - on Wednesday night. My recycling bin blew up and I was told I should ask the council for one.

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