Sunday, 26 April 2009

Yet another list to be found

Today's web browsing has made me realise that there was actually much more work in compiling the 50 greatest footy players than just that of judges Bob Davis, Ron Carter, Tom Hafey, Ron Barassi and Ken Hands. In addition to the list I described in my previous post, there was another list by Scott Palmer of the legendary "Palmer's Punchlines" during my childhood.

Although Scott Palmer's list is not so similar to the one of Hafey et. al., it still displays marked similarities, so much so that the top seven players are all among the top ten of the list published in the Age last June, and there is no surprise in the entire list apart from perhaps inaugural Brownlow Medallist Edward "Carji" Greeves and Des Fothergill, who in 1940 carried Collingwood almost single-handedly through a terribly tough year.

My mother, responding to the list as I described it properly, said that she could not agree with the way in which Wayne Carey had come to be seen as perhaps the best player ever. Knowing as she does some of the stars of the AFL through working at school with their children, she said Wayne Carey was a "horrible" person and that he did not deserve to be near to the top of such a list!

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