Thursday, 17 September 2009

Expanded Rock Hall ballot

To my considerable surprise, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced last weekend that there would be twelve artists on the 2009/2010 ballot as opposed to the nine placed on the ballots for 2006/2007, 2007/2008 and 2008/2009.

Most commentators on the Rock Hall have welcomed this decision, and I do too, at least if the judges have even a reasonable ability to judge what is important in rock history and what is not.

Let us now go back to my June prediction for the 2009/2010 ballot and look at the "Bubbling Under" artists. If you read my comment here, you will see I had
  1. The Stooges
  2. Donna Summer
  3. Deep Purple
  4. Yes
in my "bubbling under" list and I think those four do have a strong chance of filling places. I still have a question mark over how the Nominating Committee will view the Stooges after seven failed inductions, even though Future Rock Legends said I was predicting Randy Newman (my suggested replacement for the Stooges), the Meters and Dick Dale "at my own risk". I have pointed out the theory on which this is based, though, and I don't feel I have enough evidence to discard it.

When we move onto my own "bubbling under" candidates, I can currently see strong possibilities in
  1. The Hollies, who have been much hyped and certainly possess the popular credentials and reputation on classic-hits radio
  2. T. Rex, whose importance in the protopunk glam movement and their recognisable hit "Get It On" should make them a chance
  3. The Sugarhill Gang, who with rap coming into its own might be rated the best chance of my "bubbling under" artists.

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