Thursday, 1 October 2009

Unwind's seven worst artists

Recently, a site called Unwind has made a list of the seven (actually "Top Five" but they give two ties) worst artists in music history. The list is:
  1. Nickelback
  2. Kid Rock
  3. (equal second) Uncle Cracker
  4. Sheryl Crow
  5. (equal with Crow) Melissa Etheridge
  6. Michael Bolton
  7. Hinder
One cannot really think too much of the list, which is far more stereotyped and focused on a small number of commercial artists after the rap revolution. However, I can say I agree with almost all the artists listed there, for it was after (and during) the rap revolution that I began to be annoyed by the music on the radio. Still, a list of seven artists can never be remotely definitive.

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