Monday, 15 October 2012

A strange label!

Yesterday, as I was doing the annoying rests I have had to do due to that failure of the local council to add extra phone line to destroy the horrible unfiltered interference between the Internet and the telephone, I had a very strange experience on my D-Link ADSL router:

The first four letters of the validation code were “LGBQ” and I forget the last one which I intended to copy to teh computer but it was lost after I managed to convert it to a jpeg file.

LGBQ, of course, stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, and is a symbol of the homosexual movement. Regardless of what one thinks of it, it amazes me to get those four letters by chance! The probability of doing that would be one in 264, or one in 456,976!

I hope that I can lobby the local council to install new phone lines to make sure there will never, ever, ever be a single cutout again on my Internet line long before I have had to load the Internet up four hundred and sixty thousand times! Merely expecting a new line to be installed to stop the cutouts forever was enough to get me into a temper tantrum on Friday, and I honestly feel powerless to do what I know must be done to end the cutouts (lobby the government to take some money off the car and coal companies to pay for new and better lines).

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