Monday, 5 January 2015

A look at our house today

Today, after having had a leaky hose for many years, Mummy finally encouraged me to do something about it.

I went to Bunnings in Northland – it is problematic how most hardware shops in Carlton have closed down – and I had trouble finding paint for Mummy to touch up the house since Wattyl I found to have closed down quite a long time ago.
This is our new garden hose, complete with brass joints and a special gun for cleaning the courtyard.
Mummy was very pleased with the new hose, and despite difficulties attaching the brass joints (which I imagine as much more durable than cheaper plastic though Mummy said brass was not worth the price) the hose worked perfectly.

It is unfortunate that – in part due to a school move by Mummy over this summer – the garage is extremely cluttered although we both hope to clean out a lot of old paperback books. I am thinking that after the plastering is done once we are back in Tasmania, I will look for a rubbish service to remove the “big” junk from the garage as soon as possible. To this end, I put the old garden hose in the bin since it did easily fit.
This photo gives an idea of how cluttered with old junk our garage is – not helped by my brother’s refusal to throw out old computers. One can see mattresses and couches that should be been removed in 2008 or 2009 still there!
It would be wonderful if something could be done to turn the garage into another room – I at times dream of using it to help people in a big way by providing those without with a home or even travellers – but I know how much that would cost and how little time we have to do even the basics with myself looking less and less like a job, Mummy nearing retirement and my brother in Sydney.
This shows a typical picture of me lying down in my bedroom – here reading the wonderful eighth volume of ‘Handbook of the Birds of the World’

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