Monday, 8 June 2015

A strange sight!

Today, as I removed my scarred but still good metal drink bottle (I prefer metal to plastic as it wears better even without the paint and at university always chose to use a metal ruler even for paper) to try to find a drink in the heated room, I observed a rude shock.

The bottle did not open when I twisted it! I was initially worried that something was really awry and that I would have to replace the bottle, but past experience quickly dawned upon me that the lower part of the fridge was a frost hollow where dense, cold air generated by the fridge sank and chilled the bottle to the point that it froze. In the past I have seen frozen milk in the fridge in the event of spills – although I hope that at thirty-eight I am better than I was about allowing bottles of milk to spill when there’s not the space to store them upright.
This is my largely frozen drink bottle from when I finally managed to unscrew the (faintly visible) cap
A few hours later, despite my mother using a heater – I feel that even in winter Melbourne is too warm for heating and that three layers will be plenty on a typical 6˚C morning – the bottle is still only partially thawed and I could not drink from it as I wished:
This is my partly thawed drink bottle a few hours later
The shock of an unexpected freeze was as bad to me as much more costly freezes to farmers around the world! It left me a little thirsty too!

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