Saturday, 13 October 2007

I still am not working as I should - even though my results have been excellent so far, there is still a major test to come with my work on the RMIT blogs and journals for reading.

The newest Politically Incorrect Guide, to the Bible (my brother crazily says "Bilby Bilb" every time its mentioned!) really does, as I see it, show some of the dangers of going so far with extremism. Proveious P.I.G.s had the reasonable A Book You're Not Supposed To Read in each chapter with a pig reading a book. The books listed were interesting. I myself had read a number of the books before I even knew about the P.I.G.s - indeed before P.I.G.s existed - and found them much more broadminded and just as firm.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible, however, has the same pig reading a book with A Book Atheists Want To Burn instead of A Book You're Not Supposed To Read.

The very heading A Book Atheists Want To Burn is ridiculous. Most extremely secular cultures do not engage in book burning, and as Arthur Brooks and personality psychology says, extremely (excessively, to be really precise) thinking-oriented cultures like Scandinavia that despise deep emotion or warmth cannot develop the emotions that would allow book burning.

A Book You're Not Supposed To Read actually implies merely that liberal professors would not recommend it.

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Unknown said...

If more people would actually read the Bible, there would be more atheists.