Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The PIG to the Bible

I read the newest Politically Incorrect Guide, to the Bible (my brother laughably and ridiculously calls it “Bilby Bilbe” whenever I mention it or topics related to churches) recently.

It seems not unreasonable in its general tone, though the one criticism I saw on amazon is equally reasonable.

The worst thing about it though is that the boxes with a cute pig reading a book are quite ludicruously titled A Book Atheists Want to Burn. The title is laughable: the most atheistic societies of Europe, I know from personality theory, are simply too logical and unemotional to ever think of burning books. Indeed, their lack of feeling (honestly, too much) is the primary cause of their atheism.

Previous Politically Incorrect Guides has instead A Book You’re Not Supposed to Read. This actually says no more than that the “politically correct” academics would merely ignore the book. Some of the books listed under A Book You’re Not Supposed to Read I had actually read before any Politically Incorrect Guides had ever been written, notably Dore Gold's impressive Hatred’s Kingdom, about Saudi Arabia.

[Oddly, the first Book Atheists Want to Burn is one I am very familiar with after reading reviews on, namely The Black Book of Communism, which I have always regarded as interesting even if it fails to challenge core assumptions of the most radical socialists; i.e. the Sandra Bloodworths and Tess Lee Acks. I used to call it ‘guójiā zīběn de hēishū’ in Chinese or ‘Schwarzbuch des Staatskapitalismus’ in German. Both of these actually mean ‘State Capitalism’s Black Book’ – “state capitalism” being what people like Sandra Bloodworth and Tess Lee Ack view the Soviet bloc as having been throughout its existence.]

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