Friday, 6 March 2009

A discovery that a joke was wrong and my thought not so certain

For years, I had assumed that the leader of Socialist Alternative, Sandra Bloodworth, was legally blind and that she obtained her money from the pension for this disablement. My brother's response to this was to call her "blind to the truth" in her pursuit of the Trotskyist aim of worldwide socialist revolution.

Yet, on my accosting journey this last Monday, I discovered a man who actually knew Sandra Bloodworth quite well. What he said was that he had confirmation she was not legally blind at all.

So, we see that one joke of my brother's that I have had fun with for years was totally unfounded! How on earth an organisation with only fifty members could have two "Sandras" I do not know. Also, it makes my point that those on the Left are much less sensitive and compassionate than conservatives a little less certain.

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