Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Steyn forgets who'll be the new superpower

Today I discovered an article written apparently for renowned right-wing social commentator Mark Steyn that takes a very dim view of what Barack Obama wants to do to the United States.

The article's description of America's future is despairing, but my previous post suggests it is likely to be correct simply because outside of Australia there is little support for moves to reduce wasteful government spending (he seems to forget that many on the right do not want a military as large as America has now or the big business bailouts described here).

Once a country becomes fully secularised and its women fully masculinised it is unlikely that it will recover anything other than violent hatred for marianismo and any form of religion. The extreme selfishness of the populations of Europe, East Asia, North America and New Zealand that desires wealth without any work and makes no room for the slightest soft feelings that undoubtedly play a major role in sustaining cultures.

Outer suburban Australians, for all their weaknesses in terms of conformity, lack of creativity and an appalling ecological record, has been able to very strongly maintain a reasonable degree of independence from government due to the low cost of land and the absence of competition from mass tourism or huge business developments. This alone will make sure that during any coming economic crisis Australia will be the country most likely to maintain growth.

If Mark Steyn is right and people of any age in Europe, Asia, the Americas and New Zealand simply cannot accept the tiniest short-term sacrifice which people in outer-suburban Melbourne showed they could accept during the Kennett years (admittedly in part to get things that do benefit them personally but have immense ecological consequences) then within a couple of decades, if the crisis comes to an end then, Australia will probably

- be the world's leading economy with the highest fertility rate outside sub-Saharan Africa
- monopolise the remaining oil and gas supplies
- be able to maintain a much smaller government than any other "superpower" has
- continue to attract migrants put off by the tax costs of funding an economy with a 1:1 worker-to-retiree ratio

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