Sunday, 15 January 2012

Pictures of Singapore

Amidst a sojourn in Hong Kong, I spent almost a month with my brother in the sauna-like heat and humidity of Singapore and briefly Kuala Lumpur, where my brother was. It was very enjoyable, though, because I enjoy the companionship of my brother even though he calls me “zuiington” after the Chinese word or zuǐ, which means mouth and refers to my habit of talking about funny and silly topics from my youth such as the Famous Five Adventure Games. I absolutely hate being called “zuiington”, though I am not as nasty towards my brother as I have been in the past when my mother likened us to “Saint Bernards puppies”.

One feature of the trip is that with Chinese a prominent language in Singapore and dominant in Hong Kong, I relearned quite a number of characters from my high school Chinese studies. My brother still says I struggled with the tones, which I never tried to master and instead tried to use head movements to remember the tones because I do not have very good understanding of pitch as is needed for Chinese.


Anonymous said...

You have got the character wrong! It's 嘴. You put 巴, which is the "ba" in "zuiba".


Anonymous said...

Hmm, that didn't work... it is 嘴.