Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Most hilarious joke I’ve ever seen

A few days ago, trying to find any footage of rugby games from twenty years ago when my brother used to say the object of the game was biting ears, I found the most hilarious typo/joke combination I have ever seen:
  • “At 2:20 look for Fatty Vautin in Roosters jumper. Very rare as he spent alot of his time in reverse grade.”
  • ”Reverse grade?... you mean the grade where they have drink beer and have a shower before the game, then run around backwards....·”
Although I am sure that “reverse grade” was a typo, the reply is just so funny!! In actual fact Vautin spent the vast bulk of his time with the Roosters in first grade, playing at most six games in reserve grade at the tail end of the 1990 season. The way it could be believed that even strongly-built and fast rugby players could run around backwards is ludicrous, as is that they would do that when the object of rugby is to move the ball forwards!


voyance sérieuse said...

nice joke !! ^^

jpbenney said...

Thanks! It’s a pleasure to see appreciation!

A similarly funny, but massively more offensive joke was when my brother said that Thèrése Neumann and Marthe Robin lived only “on the uterus”, instead of as the stories about these and other stigmatics says, only on the Holy Eucharist. Given the vehement opposition of the Catholic Church to artificial birth control eating a uterus would be deemed mortally sinful!