Saturday, 22 June 2013

A tresured birthday

Today is my mother’s birthday, and the good news that she has been cleared of cancer after 2012’s masectomy has been overshadowed by the extreme pain her brother has been suffering. It feel terrible to think about, and I sent him a card on Tuesday, by my mother still says I should have much deeper feelings for him than I do.

Because of my mother’s work at Penleigh, she has not been able to do any shopping, but actually I have come to like this because it gives me more to do in a job which I really enjoy - though in recent months I have tended to shop far, far too late in the day due to a very bad rhythm whereby I have been going to bed at 02:00 and not getting up until 10:00. (Actually, I have tended to get up well after the recent cold mornings, and then go back to bed again still tired, before properly rising at 11:00 after half of the limited daylight has been lost.)

Today, we planned a steak-and-chips dinner - one Mummy has come to like a great deal when well-cooked because of the flavour. However, she was critical of my buying of budget rump steak because she thought it was a special occasion, but I said that even at Piedmonte’s - a semi-gourmet supermarket in Fitzroy - there was no alternative.

I then went to buy the cake at a shop i knew for a long time in Carlton, and chose a small “White Forest” cake that has still thawed too little for eating. Still, it is a rarity after a fine dinner that I receive pictures of the cake , which I will show here:

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