Friday, 18 January 2008

My bank balance troubles

A couple of days ago, when I bought an improved sheet set for my bed (the old ones were low-grade polyester, these "percale" cotton) I became really angry because I had deposited $70 into my bank account and it had not been noted down.

I realised when I checked the problem for a second time after receiving the 1991 rugby grand final between Penrith and Canberra that something was wrong. I was sure I had put $70 into my account, but it was not there. With only $11.04 in my account, I clearly needed the $70 but did not know how to get it into my account. I knew it might take time for the money to come in but when I found my later deposit to increase the $11.04 to $31.04 had got through, I knew there was a problem.

I told the people inside the branch on Lonsdale Street what was wrong and then I had a terribly frustrating time waiting for an answer. After half and hour trying to explain the problem and being quite unable to remember what had happened (the problem being I had no password to deal with these difficult problems) I was connected to the branch on the corner of Elizabeth and Collins Streets where I thought I had deposited the money. I told them I thought I had deposited it on Saturday (later my memory - terrible as it is - confirmed this because I became aware I was at home all day Sunday) and that I thought (being awfully angry at not knowing) I had deposited the $70 on the corner of Elizabeth and Collins Streets.

So angry was I, though, that it was difficult to communicate, and I had to leave in hope. Having intended to watch the 1991 Grand Final in the RMIT Library, I told Mummy I wanted to do this and felt it would ease my anger. Although I hate having aid with money, Mummy said she would re-imburse me if the $70 really was accidentally lost at the ATM as I feared.

Although I have never checked my account out of fear, I was told by the branch that my $70 had been found. Hopefully it has - and I will see on the 24th when my next pay comes.

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