Sunday, 13 January 2008

Yesterday's news

Yesterday, after Uncle Peter said he would pay me, I bought him a DVD of the 2007 AFL Grand Final. Being an avid Geelong supporter, Uncle Peter is naturally excited at their huge with over Port Adelaide - the first time the AFL Premiership has been won by a club from Victoria since Essendon's amazing 2000 team. [I have thought they should relocate a team (e.g. St. Kilda or Hawthorn) to Tasmania as a means of giving the remaining Victorian teams a competitive level of talent. From my experience with rugby on the Gold Coast, I am a bit unsure about that area as a location for sports teams.]

Last night, I had a really unusual incident when I was cycling. I discovered a loose Coles trolley in King Street (north of the CBD) with a dollar inside and thought from memory that there would be a Coles in North Melbourne in which I could get the dollar back. In fact there was no Coles in the North Melbourne shops and I was told to go to Flemington. Leaving my bike as it was too awkward to push both it and the trolley, I found a Safeway, but again no Coles - which I needed to get the dollar I was after! An official in the Flemington pub told me to go north, then west for a Coles, but again there was none and I had still to head north up Ascot Vale Road as the daylight faded.

By this time I knew I would have to give the trolley to Coles in Moonee Ponds - and to walk all the way back in the dark to North Melbourne (given my obesity problems at a body mass index of 33, I didn't mind because I knew I might lose some mass!) My other, angry at not being able to call, finally rang me just as I was reaching Moonee Ponds and told me I would have to get a train back to my bike - and she agreed to pay (very easy as I had some of her change still in my key wallet).

But worse was to come. The Moonee Ponds Coles is not coin operated and I had to ask what would happen to the trolley after I told the officials I had carted it all the way from North Melbourne. Whilst I left the trolley there seeing no alternative and - despite not having a lamp - rode my bike back home fairly easily on the well-lit streets. My mother was still very angry when I finally came home at 23:00 and went to bed after watching a little rugby an hour later.

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