Thursday, 20 March 2008

Are the PIGs having no more ideas?

The Politically Incorrect Guides have always interested me even though there is a great deal of truth about them being essentially propaganda. Even the essentially wrong - as my experience in Melbourne shows - Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (known to book critics as PIGGW) has made me refine my arguments that man-made global warming is a real phenomenon in the face of having to talk to a sceptic.

However, after the disappointing (my review) Guide to the Middle East, no further PIG will be published until May 8 when the Guide to Western Civilization is due out.

However, after that no PIG will be published until November, when, rather than tackling a genuinely fresh issue, Regnery will write the PIG to the Civil War. This book will be written by Harold William Crocker III, best known for his defence of the Catholic Church and in fact an executive at Regnery. Already I can tell from Thomas Woods in the very first PIG what this book is going to say and I actually do not feel there is much interest. It illustrates the narrow spatial focus of the Politically Incorrect Guides and probably of Regnery itself - as if they were utterly baffled by history or even culture of anything outside the United States.

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