Tuesday, 20 May 2008

A few thoughts on this semester's work

Being unable to do work because of lack of feedback from my group members is rather frustrating for me, especially as I have never been able to work outside study sessions.

Despite all that, I have done very well with my crucial librarianship course this semester, and my work every Wednesday with Alexander at the Australian Institute of Film has been very good. Alexander says my most essential need is to learn a wider range of skills than I have since March, but I do not see this as a serious problem. Most of my time has been spent downloading film images, but Alexander wants me to learn how to sort the huge number of file clippings in his cramped library into folders based on either actor or film or subject. The fileing cabinets for each type are listed in a very unusual manner because there is no single room in the library with enough space for a collection much smaller than your average suburban public library - thus I must move through public-accessible areas to go from one job to another. Anther skill I have been asked to learn involved the use of DB Text - which I have studied but never mastered in earlier courses.

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