Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Is this a trace of sense at last?

After the consistent cuts in petrol excise and the refusal to end all investment in roads, whilst I was cycling to work today I read an article by Tim Colebatch about the Federal Budget.

Colebatch told me - and the experience I have garnered over recent years about the true nature of the Australian electorate that is the opposite of what Sandra Bloodworth or Tess Lee Ack wish it was and told me it was in Socialist Alternative and Socialist Worker for many years - that I should not expect real improvements to environmental standards. That made me very sceptical and pessimistic, and the inability to find evidence of any cancellations of road projects or a hint of ending the ridiculous concessional tax on aviation fuel is proof I should remain that way.

However, after having seen the real prices of thirsty luxury cars fall by over fifty percent since 1988, the government is deciding to raise the tax on luxury cars from 25 to 33 percent. Given that expensive luxury cars are generally not needed by most people - even large families - this is the first common sense we have seen since the days of Hewson’s plan via abolition of excise and the now-implemented Green Services Tax to give a country that should have the world's least cheap petrol the cheapest anywhere.

I sincerely hope people will see the luxury car tax hike as a rational decision and be willing to demand much more even if it will hurt them financially. the threats to Australia's climate unless atmospheric carbon dioxide can by cut to pre-industrial levels are too dire to think of.

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