Saturday, 5 July 2008

Re-acquainted with an old favourite site

When I first was on the Internet, one of my very favourite sites was Dead or Alive. I loved to find out about whether people I knew were dead or alive, but I was frustrated by the fact that so many people whom I knew were not included either because they were unknown in America (like Herbert Sutcliffe) or who are only famous in fields that have attracted my fixation, like Robert Christgau.

I have often imagined what sites for some people whom I have taken an interest in would be like (I actually asked the site owner if Mary Daly was dead back in 2002!)

In an age of such rapid change, I find it pleasant how little has changed about the outline of Dead or Alive. The fact that the site has not added people I suggested I have grown in acceptance of because I - perhaps through reading astrology sites appreciate that people in entertainment are much more famous than those in the specialised fields that have always (and still) capture my interest.

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