Thursday, 21 August 2008

Still have a long way to go

Last Thursday, when walking along Brunswick Street, I destroyed my mobile phone when I heard the government’s unfortunate desire to reduce fuel excise. (To be ecologically fair, Australia’s fuel tax would need to total no less than fifty percent of the total OECD fuel tax burden for a given volume in each country, as against its present figure of below one percent).

The way in which I smashed my mobile phone was bad. However, I did the sensible thing and went to the Vodafone store and, after finding it would cost more to repair the screen than to replace the phone, I got another one.

However, the very fact that I had to contact both my mother and brother is quite alarming to myself. I know very well I am by nature a violent and self-centred person, and am clearly aware that I could nto avoid these violent episodes without help. Since my mother and brother will not always help me, I feel I still have many problems with my violent temper.

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