Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Who would laugh at it?

My former minder, an over-kind and very conservative man, said that "perhaps the feminazis have an agent at the post office" when his gift from me of a PIG failed to arrive. I had heard of the use of "feminazi" before. I rdicule it as senseless. Though I know both feminists and Nazis want to completely masculinise society, they do so in extremely different ways. The fact that a man of my RMIT minder's intelligence uses it made me want to see how often "feminazi" was used and it got 105,000 hits on Google.

After searching, I found a site called Wikiality. Obviously taken from Wikipedia, Wikiality claims to provide "all you need to know", but in fact it is so different even from other conservative sites like the ISI or Human Events that it makes me laugh. Whereas the ISI and Human Events give a good deal of evidence for their cases, Wikiality is just pure ranting mixed with utterly the most absurd name-calling I have ever read in my experience with the Internet.

Some examples are:

The Unchained Goddess as a reference to people who realise global warming is happenning
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Feminazi-nejad is a terrorist.
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Madonna Ciccone-nejad is a terrorist.

Knowing anything about Islam makes Wikiality so absurd that I can only laugh. Worst still, their links are to sites that don't even adore the extreme capitalism of PIGs and other similar books. What logic is that?

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jb said... is just a satire!