Sunday, 21 September 2008

It's not only the right who take childcare seriously

In a recent article by Rod Dreher, he claims to “know people who count themselves as normal, middle-class conservatives who barely govern the TV, movies and music their kids take in - and think that parents who take pop culture and parenting seriously are neo-Amish weirdos.”

Even if my dreadful behaviour (biting, wanting to kill) when personally wounded shows me to be anything but normal, I must state that Dreher is a little skewed about this question. Elaine, who lives with my uncle, once stated that she would not allow a child in her custody to watch M, MA or R-rated movies. I imagine and - despite the influence of the radical left who undoubtedly owe much to rap - hope that she still believes this. I imagine that ordinary people who do not believe the Right on every issue do have at least some concern about their children becoming violent, though how they would handle it I probably would not understand from my own experiences with bullying and threats to be killed.

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