Sunday, 21 December 2008

A bad habit revealed

Yesterday, whilst my mother and I shopped at Barkly Square in Brunswick as we usually do every weekend, she told me a warning garnered from a program I will confess I should have watched when it was on one recent night. (I have been out late every night, with terrible consequences for my sleep and daily routine).

As I went to the Coles checkout for purchasing shopping for the coming Christmas meals, I asked the cashier whether they had read or heard of Benjamin Wiker's Ten Books that Screwed Up The World. Whilst the shopkeeper was more sympathetic that some I have accosted in the past, when I started talking to him about Ten Books that Screwed Up The World, my mother added "according to some right-wing person" as I began listing them.

What then happened was far more revealing. Whilst I will admit that my constant accosting of people over the past decade (I remember it beginning with One Nation on a bus near Mordialloc in 1998) has been aimed to help me gain contact with people and the make people more willing to listen to my opinions, my mother told me quite firmly yet gently that accosting people never serves to encourage people! She says that accosting people actually serves to make people fear the accoster, because he or she is felt dangerous and irritating to the accostee. Consequently, the study shows, people who accost others as often as I have done over the past decade find it more and more difficult to form friendships or get to know others.

Given the trouble I had getting to know others before my accosting spree began, deciding to accost people was a very bad move!

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