Thursday, 11 March 2010

Strange choice of inductees for the 2009/2010 inductees

Only today have I recognised that the 2009/2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees will be inducted on Monday 15 March.

More than that, I have noticed that the inductors ("presenters") for the 2009/2010 inductees will be a rather surprising group:
  • ABBA: Barry and Robyn Gibb
  • Genesis: Trey Anastasio (of Phish)
  • The Hollies: Steven van Zandt
  • Jimmy Cliff: Wyclef Jean
  • The Stooges: Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day)
In none of the cases would the inductee be one I would have remotely expected. Phish, for one thing, are seen as closer to such jam bands as the Grateful Dead than to progressive rock - and the distinction is very definite. Had it been Yes instead of Genesis, I have imagined Hetfield and Ulrich doing the induction as they did with Black Sabbath - Rick Wakeman did play on some of Sabbath's albums showing how metal has had links with progressive rock as long as it's existed.

In the case of ABBA, I would more have imagined someone like Madonna doing it, whilst Billie Joe Armstrong really is an odd presenter for the Stooges. Given their influence on such genres as goth, hardcore and ultimately the slow-burn of grunge, one would more imagine someone like Chris Cornell (of Soundgarden) or one of the the surviving members of the Sex Pistols, or even David Bowie (who produced some of Iggy's solo albums).

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