Thursday, 18 March 2010

The worst lyrics - maybe Desree deserves it?

Today, I have found a very short list of lyrics which have been called the "worst". According the the site involved, music can be poetry for the masses, but by and large this is not true. Truly poetic lyrics like those of "Paper Mountain Man" or "Wide Awake" almost never have any mass appeal whatsoever and go unnoticed for long periods.

However, the choice of Des'ree for "Life" (and what about "What's Your Sign") I can agree with (even as someone who finds astrology to be the most amusing garbage known to man). As a child, I did listen a bit to Des'ree and by no means hated her first two hit singles "Feel So High" and "You Gotta Be". Both songs' lyrics really are so silly that I could never even grasp them when they were played on the radio late in the 1990s.

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