Saturday, 10 April 2010

My mother is just as bad as my brother!

The fact that my mother and brother are able to say constantly:
“people need food and water”
in an effort to show that inedia as claimed of Thèrése Neumann cannot possibly be possible is something I can actually relate to. She says that evidence from hunger strikes shows that people cannot survive for more than forty days without food and water.

I actually do have a good deal of willingness to accept that it is not biologically possible for a person to live with such minimal nourishment as a wafer for fifty-three years (as is claimed for Marthe Robin) or thirty-six years as claimed for Thèrése.

On the other hand, I feel revulsion at the thought, as was discussed with my mother in the bathroom today, that if inedia were really possible:
  1. famine would be solved completely
  2. there would be no restaurants or food delicacies
  3. there would be no food production
Nobody who seriously think inedia is possible argues that its mere possibility among people who have quite severe illnesses means that inedia could provide a solution to food shortages among healthy people! I am rather stroppy that people don’t recognise the disabilities of every (supposed, if you are insistent) inedic and thus avoid ridiculous claims of how different the world would be if inedia were true. It tickles my imagination to think of a place where inedia is generally seen as possible, and I have never imagined it as so radically different as my mother does.

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