Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A list of lists

Today I discovered a writer who wants to write a list of the Top 250 Albums, but at the same time is very critical of the lists published by magazines like Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly and most especially Time. The fact that only five of the most acclaimed albums in It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, Never Mind the Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols, Horses, Are You Experienced? and The Velvet Underground and Nico are on both Time's list and Harrington's is suspicion enough. Only The Velvet Underground and Nico, Back in Black, and Kind of Blue are on both Time's list and David Keenan's The best Albums Ever...Honest.

Associated with this article is a supposedly forthcoming list of The 100 Worst “Top 100 Lists of All Time” of All Time. There is no evidence it has been published or ins the he progres sof being so, but if to my surprise I find it is I could not be more interested. It will be interesting to see which albums are accused of being most often wrongly praised - not that I'm likely to agree even if Nirvana, who moved me from commercial radio, are mentioned.

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